The Office of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Richmond, Virginia.

VDOE Licensure

Teachers working in the Diocese of Richmond Catholic Schools must contact Rosemarie Burrill in the Office of Catholic Schools to initiate licensure through the Virginia Department of Education. 

While there are many different routes to take to be issued an educator license in Virginia, the below components are generally what will determine eligibility:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (except for the Technical Professional License) from a nationally recognized college/university as reflected on official transcripts with a conferral date.
  • Completion of content-area knowledge by coursework.
  • Completion of a professional studies coursework.
  • Completion of prescribed assessments.
  • Student teaching/practicum/experience in the endorsement area.
  • Completion of statutory licensure requirements.

These components may be satisfied through an approved traditional route to licensure (teacher preparation program) or an approved alternate route to licensure.

All candidates for licensure must have an assigned social security number issued by the US Social Security Administration in order to apply.